Welcome to The Lettuce Novel!

The Lettuce Novel is the nickname of the novel To Mean Something to Someone, written by Kaitlin Olson and completed in 2011.

The novel will unfold serially, beginning with Memory 1. The novel transverses the present, past (memory), and near past. New chapters will be unveiled each Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The first four chapters will remain permanently available. Subsequent chapters will disappear three weeks after the initial posting date. Make sure to keep up with your reading! For a description of the novel itself, please see “About the Lettuce Novel.” For more information about Kaitlin, please see “About the Author.” If you have further questions, contact the site.

The novel consists of two parts. An ebook will become available at the culmination of Part I, should you wish to read ahead. If you would like updates on the ebook and its release, please enter your email address here.

To best keep up with the novel, please follow the blog by entering your email address at the bottom of this page to receive updates when new chapters become available. Your email will not be shared. From time to time, Kaitlin will check in with additional information. These posts will always be clearly marked. You can also find The Lettuce Novel on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

Please feel free to leave comments– favorite lines, predictions, etc.– on each chapter.


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