About The Lettuce Novel

Welcome to The Lettuce Novel– the blog form of the novel titled To Mean Something to Someone. 

The novel will unfold serially, oscillating between Emma’s present viewpoint and memories. Each Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, new chapters will be revealed. The first four chapters will remain on the blog at all times; however, later chapters will disappear three weeks after their original post date. Make sure to keep up on your reading! If you’d like notifications when new chapters become available, please click the “follow” button at the bottom of the page.

An ebook version will become available as the novel continues.

Please note: To Mean Something to Someone is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. Reproduction or republication without written permission of the author is strictly prohibited. If you would like to excerpt portions of this novel, please see the Contact page.


Emma Johnson returned home from a family vacation fifteen years ago to find that her childhood best friend, Romaine Enson-Morton, and her family had disappeared. Prompted by the recent engagement of a friend and friction in her own relationship, she searches for clues as to why on a weekend trip home, needing to come to terms with the fact that they left her without so much as a “goodbye.” The Enson-Mortons—enigmatic and paradoxical nomads who named their children after varieties of lettuce—had appeared two years earlier as suddenly as they disappeared, welcoming a seven-year-old Emma into their home, where games of hide and seek could go on for days, teatime became the most cherished ritual, and bad manners had no place. In her search, Emma shines light on the murky events of her childhood and realizes that the past is not always as idyllic as remembered.


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