Feedback and Hiatus

Hello dear readers,

As you probably know by now, Part I of The Lettuce Novel wrapped up yesterday. Now that we’re approximately halfway through the novel, I’m curious to know what you all think, particularly given the cliffhanger at the end of Part I. Do some characters seem particularly compelling? Do you find certain sections boring? Do you like the novel overall?

Feedback relates to my second bit of news. The Lettuce Novel will be on a short hiatus (no more than a few weeks, hopefully) so that I can edit Part II to my liking. In the meantime, I will continue to post behind the scenes previews here.

An ebook will also become available in the future.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and will (hopefully) be back to posting soon!



(Gratuitous photo of my editing process. Wish me luck!)




The Disappearing Chapters

Hello all,

Friday marked the first month of The Lettuce Novel. As previously mentioned, the first four chapters of To Mean Something to Someone will always be available; however, later chapters will be taken down three weeks after their original publication date (if you subscribe by email, chapters will remain in your inbox).

Chapters five and six have now been taken down. If you’ve missed them and are desperate to read, please email

Any comments, concerns, or questions on the novel so far?




An Update

Hi everyone,

I love hearing your stories about the experience of reading The Lettuce Novel! As a few of you have noticed, the posting schedule has been a bit different this week. Due to my schedule this week, I have not had as much time as I’d like to polish each chapter. The last two chapters have been revised since their original posting. A new chapter will post tomorrow, but Friday’s chapter will likely be late.

Sorry for any confusion! Things should return to normal next week.