Sneak Peek 2

2Emma’s first glimpse of the Enson-Mortons:

“The three danced into the house as their parents stumbled through the doorframe, kicking the wooden front door closed with a shrouded foot, the brass knocker tapping as the family disappeared within their coddling walls.

I stayed on the back step for a half hour, hoping they would reappear, all five of them, hoping they would sit on the tire swing and invite me to fly with them. But there was no sign of anyone, inside or outside, and sunset came, blue fading to pale orange as Mom called through the mesh screen to say it was closing time and we were heading home.

While Mom buckled me into her five-year-old Volvo in the back parking lot, I glanced behind my shoulder at the house; she told me to stop squirming. Clutching my 24-pack of crayons and my recent masterpieces, we pulled away. As we did, the lace curtains in Mrs. Nelson’s house parted, revealing a tiny face peeking out the window, maybe at me, maybe at something else. I will always wonder; I will never know.” –To Mean Something to Someone


Sneak Peek: First Paragraph

“Romaine was named for the lettuce. Her parents were vegans, but they didn’t like beans or rice or whatever else vegans are supposed to nourish themselves with, so they ate lettuce and named their first daughter in its honor.” –To Mean Something to Someone